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The word chiropractic was coined from the combination of two Greek words, “cheir” and “praktos” which means “hand done” but when combined it means “done by the hand. This practice evolved around the 1895 by one renowned doctor called Daniel David Palmer. Daniel David Palmer performed a chiropractic alteration on a janitor around the same year to correct deaf situation the janitor had. Harvey lillard, who was the janitor that undertook the chiropractic adjustment with Daniel David Palmer at Clearwater, FL came back later to attest to the fact that his ear has improved due to the adjustment by the doctor. Through this, Dr. Palmer became the first chiropractor to launch his first chiropractic school at Clearwater two years after he rendered his services to Harvey lillard. The human anatomy is complex in design, it composes of different organs and different bone types which perform various functions in the body. In order for one to understand the anatomy, the individual needs to be skilled and highly educated. Students studying Countryside Chiropractic fl, FL go through a minimum of about 4200 hours with their lecturers, and a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical training with coaches in order for them to develop the required knowledge and skill to their own chiropractic clinics.

Countryside Chiropractic flcare or adjustment also known as the chiropractic manipulation, deals with the practice of spinal manipulation. This care or practice is a common therapeutic treatment which concentrates on the lower back and spine of the human body. This practice involved in this act of chiropractic deals with the treatment to reduce the subluxation, this involves the manipulation of the vertebrae in order to increase the range of the motion of the nerve and improve the function of the spinal cord. This practice improves the performance of the spine alignment to assuage a range of physical ailments such as neck pain, muscle strain, chronic back pain so much more. Chiropractic clinic practices have the approach of adjusting the position of the spinal column of the human body into its original shape or state without any form of pain whatsoever. Countryside Chiropractic fl which seems to be the hub for most of the world-renowned chiropractors, most of the services are provided in this Florida locality.

The spinal section of the human being is one of the most sensitive systems which is being operated by the nerves. The spinal cord forms the part of the central nervous system, this system controlled the activities of the body. The absence of chiropractic remedies presents the body with various organ infections due to the fact that the spine or the nervous system in conjunction with the brain sends messages to the other parts of the body. Without this function, the body begins to malfunction. In 1921, Dr. Henry Windsor, a doctor from the University of Pennsylvania performed a clinical experiment on 50 cadavers to find out the cause of death through the outcome obtained from the test of the human organs. Throughout this research, Dr. Henry Windsor concluded that out of the 50 bodies that were examined, 139 organs led to the cause of death of the individual. Out of the range of 139 organs, 128 organs were affected by the failure of the nervous system. As stipulated above, the spinal cord forms an essential part of the nervous system and imbalance of the position of the spinal cord can create problems for the other organs of the human body.

The human organs are all connected by the nervous systems. It’s a series of complex nerves, overlapping interlocking and connecting to organs forming a network, an interruption in the flow of information in any part of the nervous system can produce several problems for the organs. The activities of the human being possess several risks which endangers the position of the spinal cord, a lot of activities that we indulge in requires the movement of the body and the spinal cord. The constant movement of the spinal cord develops stresses gradually affects the conditions of the spinal cord making it very difficult to perform certain activities. Time is a major contributing factor to the reduction in the strength of the spinal cord, the aging of the human being makes it difficult for the spinal cord to perform like it used to. As the human being begins to age, most of the organs in the body tend to be weak making their health performance very low. Instances of this can be related to the body structure of the aged, most of the aged have their spinal cord assuming a curvature making it difficult for them to bend or sit upright.

Risoldi is a family Countryside Chiropractic fl clinic with the aim of improving the health of families through chiropractic adjustment at Countryside Chiropractic fl offices, FL. Growing up, Dr. Mike Risoldi experienced his first chiropractic through the healing of his mother for a decade-year-old migraine; drawing from the inspiration of past event Dr. Mike Risoldi through the practice of chiropractic wants to improve the lives of the people who pass through his clinic. Dr. Mike Risoldi concentrates on ailments such as neuropathy which seems to be one of the major problems connected to the spinal cord and the nervous system. Neuropathy deals with the numbness, weakness and pain from the nerves. Due to the complication of the central nervous system, these abnormalities are normally felt at the hand and feet region. Through the use of chiropractic practices, Dr. Mike Risoldi want to manage the lives of families and improve their lives. Certain measures and structures organized to bring these services to the patients are in the form of fitness program which enables the regulations of blood from all the parts of the human body from the heart. Also, Dr. Mike Risoldi has adopted the use of a therapeutic massage which is made purposely for the nerves to function and also regulate the joint of all the 206 bones in the human body and lastly the diagnostic testing which involves computerized nerve scans, spinal correction exercise, complementary advanced workshops, and weight loss programs.

These activities are channeled towards the improvement in the central nervous system, the eradication of internal organ diseases and the detection of certain problems and complication affecting the health of the patient. Most of the Countryside Chiropractic fl offices or clinics are channeled towards neck and back pain whiles Dr. Mike Risoldi uses various activities such as building an exercise program for the patient. Improving the nutrition and also creating therapeutic sessions enable the patient to acquire a healthy mindset; this enables the clinic to help build a holistic approach to wellness care. Through this, Dr. Mike Risoldi is able to build a loyal relationship with the patient, this enables the effective treatment of the patient and helps in keeping track of the patient’s process. Most of our daily activities are centered on our health, the combination of the services provided at the Risoldi Countryside Chiropractic fl that is fitness programs, therapeutic massage, and a diagnostic test will help reduce the exposure of spinal problems, therefore, leading to good health of the organs of the individual. As a family, it would be very relevant to partake in the services of Risoldi to live a good life.


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