The Biomeridian Assessment is used to test the body for nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, chemical toxicities, immune challenges, and much more. After testing is complete, patients are often advised to begin an all-natural protocol that supplements their specific nutritional needs.

Conditions that can be treated include:
• Food Sensitivities
• Toxins
• Common Cold/Flu
• Detoxification/Cleanse
• Nutritional Deficiencies
• Hormonal & Emotional Imbalances
• Allergies
• Weight Loss
• Anxiety/Stress
• Insomnia

Dr. Dana has helped several of our patients;
here are some of their stories, in their own words:

Nora – November, 2012 – I just wanted to say how great it feels to be healthy again! I had MRSA on and off since March 2012, and been on continuing antibiotics from my physician. After a few weeks of completing the antibiotics the MRSA always came back! I decided to make a change from conventional medicine and visit with you in September 2012. At that time I had active MRSA and shingles. I went on a strict protocol of probiotics, immune support, silver solution,homeopathic remedies along with a gluten-free diet At my October check up I was feeling better but still not 100%. We had eliminated some bacteria, however it was still showing up in my blood and lymphatic system along with fungus from all those lovely antibiotics! You altered my protocol and voila!! Here we are in November and it has all gone!! I am sooooooo happy!! I feel the fittest and healthiest I have in a long time! And as a bonus I have lost 7 pounds since September! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice and caring!

Stefanie – August, 2012 – For approximately two years I suffered from horrible stomach pains. I went to multiple doctors, had dozens of tests done, and even had to go to the emergency room twice. Every doctor either gave up on me or chalked it up to “stress”. After awhile I was finally introduced to Dr. Dana McGrady. She was able to give me the answer I had been looking for- it turned out I had parasites and a bad overgrowth of candida. Literally a month after visiting her my stomach problems were gone! She was able to fix in one month what all the other doctors had failed to figure out for two years! Dr. Dana has truly helped me take back my life. I recommend her to everyone I know!

Tonya – June, 2012 – When I arrived to see Dr. Dana my sugar level was 500 plus. My emotions were all over the place and I had zero energy. After 4 weeks of following Dr. Dana’s recommendation my health has improved 10 fold. My sugar levels range from 145-99 daily, my emotions are back to normal and I have the energy to make it through my day with ease! What a difference Dr. Dana has made in my life! Thank You.

Anonymous – June, 2012 – I got sick one day in October 2010. The day I got sick I started falling. From my hips down it was like my legs would become “wet noodles” and I would instantly drop to the floor. This would happen several times a week. I could no longer work and I was exhausted all of the time. For almost a year I saw many different traditional doctors and had more tests done than I can count, all with no success. The doctors had no idea what was wrong. Then I started having seizure-like episodes. A friend recommended Dr. Dana to me so I came in Sept. 2011. Dr. Dana told me I had 12 strands of the Coxsakie-A virus. She put me on a detox and homeopathic program. I still continued to see traditional doctors, I even went through the Mayo hospital, but no one could help me. I followed Dr. Dana’s program and in Feb. 2012 I stopped falling and I haven’t had any more seizure episodes!! It is now June 2012 and I keep getting better every day! I am now doing physical therapy to strengthen my left muscles. I feel like I’m finally getting my life back! I know if I hadn’t come to Dr. Dana I would still be falling today. I will be forever grateful for the help I have received. Thank You! Thank You!

Jane – January, 2012 – The protocol for hemorrhoids that Dr. Dana recommended worked great. I had a mild case and they were gone by the next day. My daughter, who has had hemorrhoids for the last five years, caused from three child births, had a severe case. She could barely function for weeks. The second day on the program, she said she was 50% better and 80% by the third day. We haven’t discussed them since, but our last few phone conversations she sounded cheerful. I haven’t heard her sound that good in weeks.

Maria – March, 2012 – After 2 courses of antibiotics and eight weeks of misery – I still has an ear infection and insane inner ear itching. It even kept me up at night – itching! Uggg! Literally one day into taking my drops from Dr. Dana the itching was gone! And never returned! Ahhhhh… Thanks, Dr. Dana!

Lisa – March, 2012 – Allergy season is upon us! Not for Lisa! This is the first time in my life that I have had a normal allergy season! The homeopathic drops Dr. Dana prescribed for me work great! My immune system is so strong now – Thanks to the work Dr. Dana has done! And me doing everything I was told I needed to do to feel better! I’m grateful everyday for having been advised to see Dr. Dana! Thanks!