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Meet our Staff

Sabine Maroun- Chiropractic Assistant

Early life/education and why I work with Dr. Mike Risoldi:

I was born in a small town in Lebanon and moved here at the age of 11, never thinking that I would be directly involved in helping so many people achieve health and wellness. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of South Florida and I truly enjoy working here at Dr. Mike’s office, where we are changing people’s lives every day. This office is my second home and I am honored to work with incredible doctors and with an amazing team. I truly feel that the doctors and staff here do their best to create a “family” atmosphere for the staff and patients.

I have witnessed over a dozen people in my family have their lives transformed with the help of Dr. Mike and chiropractic care. Yes, I have a huge family! Aside from watching our patients’ lives get transformed tremendously; it is a blessing to witness how effective and rewarding chiropractic care can be.