There are over 200 types of chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Mike utilizes several non-manipulative techniques that are the most gentle and effective techniques available.

Advanced Spinal Correction

Spinal corrective consists of a series of adjustments to restore a patient’s spine to its healthiest position, and then teaches them how to maintain it for a lifetime.  Corrective care is like orthodontics for the spine.  The process includes gentle adjustments along with specific exercises to regain proper spinal alignment.  In order to monitor the changes in the structure, the doctor will perform pre and post x-rays.  Put simply, the structure of your spine affects the function of the body.  In order to achieve optimum health, proper spinal structure and integrity is vital.

Our Techniques  

 True health occurs when we are functioning at 100% — not merely marked by the absence of a disease or a symptom. 

 Modern medicine tends to focus on addressing the symptoms of an illness. You take a pill or your doctor gives you a shot and you hope for a quick fix. At our clinic, we don’t just treat physical symptoms. We treat the underlying cause of the problem.


To help you reach your full potential, we use an adjusting technique called advanced spinal correction. This process takes extra pressure off nerves, allowing your body to heal itself and restore optimal function. 

 Think of your spine as a fuse box in a house. If a fuse blows, one part of the house will malfunction. Your body is no different. We will do our best to pinpoint where your problems come from, and correct these areas with chiropractic adjustments. 

What to Expect at Your Visit 

Diagnostic Tools — With a focus on improving spine health, one of our first steps is to take x-rays of the spine. With help from digital x-rays and digital motion x-rays, we can measure misalignments (subluxations) down to the degree or millimeter. Once we have met with you and reviewed your x-rays and plan for treatment, we will get started with your personalized corrective care plan. 

Pre-adjustment Warm-up (the “Mix)Just as you warm-up before you exercise, your spine needs to “warm-up” before an adjustment. Our patients do specific, brief exercises to warm-up the neck, mid-spine and lower back — reducing tension that has built up in the body. 

Wobble Disc — The wobble disc increases the range of motion in the lumbar and thoracic spine to increase lumbar disc mobility and aid with rehydration. 

Repetitive Cervical Traction — This exercise relieves stress and tension in the neck. It helps to elongate and decompress the spine, rehydrating and “pumping” nutrients into the discs. 

The ArthrostimOne of the most gentle and effective tools we use at our practice is a handheld device called the arthrostim. This device helps to put motion back into the spine, repositioning the vertebrae. The arthrostim is extremely specific. It is also gentle enough that we are able to do corrective adjustments on newborns and on people who are well into their 90s. Many patients tell us that they prefer adjustments with the arthrostim over conventional chiropractic adjustments. Patients also tell us that adjustments with the arthrostim are soothing and relaxing. 

Adjustment (the “Fix)We make specific adjustments to the vertebrae in your spine in order to correct subluxations (misalignments) and restore communication of your nervous system to the rest of your body. We use state-of-the-art tools to make lasting improvements to your spine and overall health. 

Neuromuscular Retraining (the “Set”)Since your body has memorized your posture pattern for so many years, it will not easily vary from that. Your posture pattern must be re-trained. Following your adjustment, we will teach you an individualized spinal weighting exercise to “reset” your posture and mold your spine back into correct position. The “Set” is important to create lasting change — helping you regain youth and vitality. 

Vibe Plate — Vibration amplifies communication throughout the body. Stimulation of core stabilizers helps maintain the structural changes made during treatment.  

Spinal Weighting — Correct weighting for each patient re-trains and resets muscles and ligaments to hold and support the spine back into its proper position. 

Wellness Care — After your initial corrective care plan, you will meet with your doctor to review your results, including pre- and post-care digital x-rays. Together, we will develop a plan to help you keep your spine healthy for a lifetime.  

Consistent Care Yields the Best Results 

We get asked frequently, “How often should I come in for adjustments?” Many patients also question why they should keep coming in for adjustments once their symptoms have resolved and they are pain-free. These are great questions.  

We tell our patients that corrective care is like getting braces and then continuing to see your dentist throughout your lifetime. By using the corrective care process (gentle adjustments and specific exercises), and by staying regular with it, we correct the spine back into proper alignment. With consistent adjustments, your spine will stay in alignment. 

Another way we help patients determine how often they should come back for maintenance care is by using the x-ray tools described above. With the aid of x-rays, we are able to see and measure the results you are getting from consistent chiropractic care. Thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology, you are able to see the changes and compare the before and after.