In today’s hectic world, everyone can benefit from massage. Athletes (both weekend warriors and competitive), office workers who sit, employees who stand all day, and those under high stress are particularly good candidates for massage therapy.

Massage therapists treat muscular conditions, eliminating physical aches and pains and reducing stress — helping to restore balance to your life.

What to expect during your massage

When you arrive for your first massage appointment, your massage therapist will show you our private, calm and serene massage therapy room. She will ask you about any current issues that you are having and discuss your goals for treatment.

As you lie on a comfortable, padded massage table, your therapist will customize treatment just for you — using a variety of techniques. Hands-on touch may be combined with gentle movement of the joints and assisted stretching. Long and short strokes, direct pressure, kneading and friction all help to palpitate superficial layers of muscles.

At our office, we offer a number of different types of massage, including prenatal massage, deep tissue (sports) massage, hot-stone massage, and lymphatic massage. Remember, this is your time. Please let your massage therapist know if the massage is too deep or if you would like deeper muscle work.

If you are unsure if massage therapy is right for you, due to physical limitations or specific health issues, please call our office and our doctors will guide you in the best way to proceed.

Benefits of massage therapy

Like chiropractic care, massage therapy is a natural, hands-on method of healing. Regular massage can help us cope with life’s challenges (mental and physical), allowing us to feel more relaxed and prepared for whatever life many bring. Additional benefits offered by massage therapy include:

  • Assisting with physical healing
  • Reducing physical tension, muscle pain and discomfort
  • Increasing mobility in the joints and improving flexibility
  • Improving circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Improving flow of nutrients to tissues
  • Reducing swelling
  • Increasing relaxation and reducing stress

Massage therapy is a powerful adjunct to healing with chiropractic. Before your first massage appointment, our doctors will discuss your care with our massage therapist, explaining your health history and discussing what we observe on your x-rays. This will aid the massage therapist in identifying the best areas to work on — based on your posture and your neck and spine health — helping you get the best results from massage therapy.

As massage therapy works to relieve muscle tension throughout your body and surrounding your spine, your chiropractic adjustments will become even more effective.

Ask us about our discounted massage plans

At Risoldi Family Chiropractic, we believe that massage and chiropractic go hand in hand. As a way to encourage you to take advantage of massage therapy, we offer discounted monthly massage care plans. We encourage you to treat yourself to massage therapy on a regular basis to get the best results from your adjustments.

Call us to make a massage appointment today to instantly reduce stress and bring a sense of balance to your life.